Top 10 haunted places in the world
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Below you’ll find a list of top 10 haunted places in the world, most likely you might have heard of them. What is for sure though, is that you’ll likely want to read some of these creepy stories with the lights off. Drowse yourself in a pure hair raising experience on most haunted places in world.

10. Pluckley Kent


Pluckley Kent

Pluckley Kent is one of the most haunted villages in Britain. With a population of 1000+, it also accommodates 15 ghosts. This is because over the time, there were 15 different places in the village where something lead to a death of a person and their spirit resides there haunting that area. Some of the most haunted and popular places inside the village include Screaming  Woods, which is a forest on the side of the village and it is said that people get lost in the crowd of trees and die there, at night you can hear them crying for help.

9. Moundsville West Virginia


Moundsville West Virginia is known as “Hell on Earth” by many. It was the place where USA’s most wanted and dangerous criminals were put behind bars. 998 deaths in total were reported, which include murders, suicides, hanging and electrocutions. The prisoners were tortured in the worst way possible; no rights were given to them, no food, and no facilities. Most of them committed suicide because of the horrifying isolated environment. In the 90’s 5 prisons were shut down, because paranormal activities in them were rising to an extreme level. It is said that the prisoners who died there, were going after the management, and security officials, to take revenge.

8. Riddle House – Florida

riddle house

Riddle house was originally made in 1920 as a “gatekeeper’s cottage”, and was later on declared a private property and was sold to Karl Riddle. Karl and his servant Joseph committed suicide in the house. The reason behind the death is still unknown, all that was seen was that both of them hung themselves on the ceiling fan. Many haunting stories are out there of this place, one of which is that both Karl and his servant grabs people and lock them inside their attic, where they committed suicide, and forces them to commit suicide.

7. Stull Cemetery

stull cemetry

Stull cemetery is famously known as “the doorway to hell”, a place so evil that the pope himself had to re-route his plane, so he doesn’t go on top of it. The cemetery is very old, with a church in the centre which is always on fire, known as the doorway to hell and a very old tree which is locally known as the hanging tree. It is said that back in the days, people of the town used to hang witches and set them on fire on that tree. The grave stones are none other than graves of Satan’s children. It is also believed that Satan’s makes an appearance on the gates of the cemetery twice a year, on Halloween and end of spring.

6. Bell Witch Cave

Bell witch cave

Bell witch cave was a land and a cave owned by John Bell in the early 18th century. A ghost named “Kate” haunted the Bell’s family and was behind the killing of John Bell. Kate was a witch and had some issues with John Bell and his daughter. After the killing the witch said that she will come back after 7 years and after her second visit she said that she will return after 107 years, but it seems like she never went back and it is that John and Kate are seen clashing with each other in the area.

5. White house- Washington DC

White House

White house is one of the most well known places in the world, and is also the home of the president of United States of America. Besides its importance around the world, white house is also one of the most haunted house in US. Spirits of many US presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, wander around the house. The most haunted room in White House in The rose room, where many spiritual appearances have been witnessed.

4. Bhangarh Fort – India

Banghar india


Bhangarh fort is the only haunted place in India which is recognized by the government and is legally prohibited to enter the area before sunset or after sunrise. If caught not following the rule, police force is instructed to take action against them. The legends of Bhangarh fort which makes it a haunted place is that, there was a Princess of Bhangarh, who was known as the “Jewel of Rajaistan”. She was being cursed by a magician Singhia. He cursed a bottle of hair oil, but when the princess found out that her oil is cursed she poured it on the ground, which killed everyone in that town. The spirits of all those who died wander around at night.

3. The Tower of London- England

The tower of london

The Tower of London is said to be one of the most haunted place in England. It resides home for many spirits of the royal family who were murdered unjustly. The first ghost seen there was of Thomas A.Becket who was murdered by Henry III. The most persistent ghost of the tower, is the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn, who was the wife of King Henry IV and was arrested and beheaded in the tower. Most of the horrifying incidents took place in the green tower, so green tower is considered as the most haunted part of the castle.

2. Monte Cristo- Australia

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo is ranked the most haunted place in Austraila, whereas it falls on second on our list. This place accommodates the ghosts of a couple who were the previous owner of the place and were murdered. Many harmful incidents have taken place in the house. One pregnant woman has been pushed down the stairs, and a child was thrown from the first floor and died. The ghosts of the house are sending out a message for the current owners to leave, but no wonder what’s making them being  so brutal about. The inner story of the house is still unknown.

1. Dominican Hill- Baguio city Philippine

Dominican Hill

Dominician Hill is reported as the most haunted place in the world. During the second world war, many nuns and priests were beheaded in dominician hill. The headless spirits of those are still present in the place. It’s said that they have come to seek vengeance. Many locals have seen an army of headless priests and nuns in the house. People have also witnessed the fountain, which is present in front of the building, flowing human blood at night. The evil spirits are too powerful that people living near the building have crosses on their windows and doors.


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