Interesting facts about Sweetest Day
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Interesting facts about Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day falls under the umbrella of ranch, Portillo’s and saying “ope” after accidentally bumping into someone, because it’s a uniquely Midwestern holiday dating back almost a hundred years to when it started in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, the celebration of Sweetest Day isn’t limited to your significant other. It’s really about taking time to appreciate the amazing people in your life by giving them candy and cards. Celebrate the end of midterms by going out with your partner and catching up with friends over lunch.

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Interesting facts about Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October, or today (unless you’re reading this on Sunday).

First known as Candy Day

When the holiday was founded in 1916, trick-or-treating hadn’t become popular, and there was no autumn revenue boost to the candy industry. That’s why the National Confectioners Association created it. It became known as Sweetest Day in the 1920s.

More popular than Mother’s Day?

According to Retail Confectioners International, some retailers say their sales for Sweetest Day are better than their sales for Mother’s Day.


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