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9 Signature Dishes from Around the Globe for Under $5

The world is a big dish with flavor on every side, not all can experience the pleasure with such high price for every heavenly dish. Well what you don’t know is that all of these flavors can be experienced at a better level with a relatively much less cost. Here are 9 signature dishes from around the globe for under $5.


 1. Egg Curry – Kolhapur, India

Egg Curry

Being a vegetarian must be something really special, but what’s really special is that you are able to eat and enjoy a dish that can’t be resisted. Easily available from the road side of every street in Kolhapur  India, Egg Curry is one of the most delicious dish in India. With the flavors so marvelous the price isn’t much high, so much experience in just Rs 20 ($0.25) a plate. Sprinkled with chopped coriander and green chilli on top is like finishing off a master piece.


 2. Steamed mixed pork rice roll with XO sauce – New York, USA


Steamed pork rice roll


From the streets of new York there is always something delicious out there for so  much less. People of New York have an open heart. Making food delivered direct from their heart is their specialty. With having only $5 in hand, no need to worry The Steamed mixed pork rice roll, would be enough to fill you up with nothing to regret.

 3. Jumbo Empanadas – Toronto, Canada


Been to Canada and haven’t tried Jumbo Empanadas’s hefty empanadas, well you have missed a lot. Your little adventure to Canada is not over without empanadas. Stuffed with beef or chicken, hard-boiled eggs, olives and raisins for $4.50 a piece only, it’s like handmade heaven on Earth.

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 4. Oodles of Noodles, Chicken Chow Mein – Beijing, China

Chow Mein


Whenever we hear of Chinese food, the first thing that comes into our mind is their legacy of noodles. With Chinese national food Peking duck, being an expensive dish out there. The best alternate national dish of China is noodles. Chicken Chow Mein, is the best flavorsome dish in China. Right from the streets of Beijing, freshly made with all the spices and secret ingredients, Chow Mein is something which identifies Chinese culture.  A bowl of Chicken Chow Mein can vary from 10-15 Yuan ($2).

 5. Student Biryaani – Karachi, Pakistan

Student Biryaani

Speaking of low cost packages of world class flavor, Biryaani can’t be ignored in the list. With the perfection in balance of flavor and spiciness, it’s like a colorful plate of happiness. Student Biryaani, Karachi is known as the kings of Biryaani industry. People from all over Pakistan, even the world come to Karachi to taste the flavors of the subcontinent in one plate. The price of a plate of this blessing heavenly dish is only Rs 200 ($2).


 6. Ganso Zushi – Tokyo, Japan



Ganso Zushi is best sushi corner in all of Japan. Their signature dish kaiten-zushi starts from the range of 100-150 Yen ($ 0.90- $1.20) per plate. Its like having little rolls of fresh flavours, blasting in your mouth. If you ever go to Japan, this is the one place you don’t wanna miss going, guarantees no regret.

 7. Cabrito’s Kabsa – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


A dish filled with layers of surprises, Kabsa is not only popular in Saudi Arabia, but all over the Arab world. The dish contains 3 type of rice with full lamb in the middle; make you feel the surprise in every bite. The traditional flavors of the Arab cultured can be felt through this dish. Cabrito’s Kabsa is the most delicious Kabsa in all of Saudi Arabia. With a low price of SAR 19 ($5), Kabsa is the best dish that can fill up your stomach with pleasure.

 8. Forno Campo de’ Fiori’s Pizza Bianca – Rome, Italy

Forno Campo de’ Fiori’s Pizza Bianca


Forno Campo de’ Fiori is old of the oldest bakery in Rome, serving the people of Rome for many years. Generations have passed but the famous delicious taste of Forno Campo de’Fiori’s Pizza Bianca has not changed. The bakery’s simplicity at its best, with chewy flat dough pizza stuffed with ham and mozzarella, balancing out flavors with prosciutto and fig, topped with olive oil and salt. The price this triangular piece of gold is only € 5, which is so worth it.

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 9. Cafe Madeleine’s Croque Monsieur – Paris, France

Cafe Madeleine’s Croque Monsieur , 9 Signature Dishes from Around the Globe for Under $5

France is famous for its regular ham and cheese sandwiches… Well it might be hard for you to absorb but that’s not the only thing they can make. Over here in France, they modify it a bit. Ham and cheese sandwich is dipped and fully coated in cheesy béchamel sauce and then thrown in the broiler just so you could have that hot cheesiness in every single bite you take. A sandwich made by angles, with lowest price of € 5, can’t make you complain.



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