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8 Random Technology Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easier

In the technology era we live in, technology plays an important role in our life. The problem is that we still need to make sure our devices are fully maintained and we still need help by getting shortcuts. Following are 8 random technology hacks which will make your life easier.

 1. Restoring closed tab



If you are working on something on any browser like google chrome, fire fox etc and you accidentally close the tab,  no need to worry. By pressing Ctrl +Shift + t your action will be undo and the tab will reopen.

 2. Lost Android phone


If you lose you android phone in your house and its on vibrate. All you need to do is access another android phone > login your Google Play account > go to android device manager >select your device > press ring.

 3. Fast charging for IPhone



An iPad charger is the only Apple product who has the ability to handle 2.1 amp. Where as all other IPhone/IPod chargers can handle only 1 amp. So more current flow results in faster charging.

 4. No in-game Ads


If you want to play games on your phone and not be disturbed by in-game ads. Simply put your phone on airplane mode. By doing this you would block all sources of incoming network, which would let you calmly play your game.

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 5. Being aware of PDF virus


If you download a “PDF” file and it ends with .exe, there is a big chance that the file will be containing virus. So don’t even download it.

6. How to download a YouTube video


If you see a video on YouTube and you want to download it but the copyright policy of the website doesn’t let you do that, simply add ss between www. and youtube.com

 7.  Saving crucial phone battery


If your phone battery is low and you need your phone for later use. Most people will suggest to simply turning off your phone. Turning off your phone won’t be a good idea as it will consume battery when turning back up plus it will decrease battery life. Simply turn on airplane mode, it will do the trick.

 8. Increasing battery life


Batteries have an ability to lose charge even if they are not being used. By putting them in the freezer, the alkaline in the battery jams up together, making the flow of losing charge decrease. Hence increased battery lifespan by 200%.

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