5 reason to invest in Bitcoin for 2018
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Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency which has taken over the market in a very short time period. Although starting from $0.1 and reaching $16155, in just 5 years is a very big thing in the history of US market and by looking at the facts and figures we predict that it will most probably rise a lot in 2018. Here’s a list of 5 reasons to invest in Bitcoin for 2018.

1. Stable price

Bitcoin chart

Bitcoin has shown a lot of instability in its foundation years but also at the same time marked its place in the market as a financial credit. Right now in the end of December, Bitcoin is more stable than ever before. Its stability has brought up trust in the currency and more people are buying it. Its prices are predicted to rise massively in 2018. So don’t miss out all the profits when the market booms. Currently the price of 1 Bitcoin is $16155, and it is expected to rise to $20k-$25k, in the next year.


 2. Decrease in Bitcoin mining


bitcoin mining


The mining rate of new Bitcoins, is expected to be reduced. According to Bitcoin production rules and regulations, only 22 million Bitcoins can be created. Right now almost 21 million are present in the world, leaving behind only 1 million to be mined. It is expected that the limit would be raised to 50 million but that not until the end of 2018. Due to less Bitcoins production increase in price will be seen.


 3. Replacing cash over Bitcoins

bitcoin cash

The goal of switching from cash to crypto currency is on its peak. In the 5 year time span a lot has been changed, many online shops, restaurants, and banks are accepting bitcoins as a way of payment. With this in mind, considering buying Bitcoins now at a rate which seems too much is a better option because this rate will hit the roof soon.

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 4. Getting smart contracts


It is believed that in the future the Bitcoin blockchain will be one of strongest chains out there. It will be linked with so many side chains that you would be able to accomplish more than just payments through it. One of its uses includes smart contracts, which are believed to change the world.


 5. Bitcoin market sentiment is becoming positive

Bitcoin blockchain

Starting from just $0.1 per Bitcoin in 2010 when is opened to market, it has had many ups and downs. From market crashing $32 to $2 in a season, to rising $100 to $1100 in another. These market sentiments are common for a new type of currency when they hit the market. What matters now is that Bitcoin’s market sentiment is on a positive track. People believe that there is no way that they would ever see a huge downfall of any sort. Being this stable and with a bright future ahead, buying Bitcoin in order to multiply your life savings, is a good option.

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