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Where there is a state or country with people and its own constitution, we expect a standing army that would protect the place. Without an army you can easily be attacked or invaded. It is surprising to see that not all countries out there worry about their defence that much. They are peaceful and don’t mess around with other countries that much, but what if someone does try to invade them? Well if that happen they won’t be able to do much about it. Let have a look at 15 countries in the world without an army.


 1. Andorra



There is no army in Andorra which can protect its rights. However it has signed a protection treaty with France and Spain. Therefore France and Spain would assist them in protection at the time of invasion or war. Andorra is in good terms with all the European countries hence they have nothing to be worried about. Andorra does have national police, who are responsible to maintain order inside the country.


 2. Dominica



Dominica is an island present in the between North America and South America. It’s a peaceful country with no army whatsoever. However Dominica is the member of Regional Security System (RSS), which consists of 7 countries. These countries have agreed on assisting each other in rough times.


 3. Grenada



After the invasion by United States in 1983, Grenada has not had a standing army. They are the members of Regional Security System (RSS). So their defence depends upon the members of RSS.


 4. Kiribati



Kiribati is an island near Australia and New Zealand. According to their constitution they are not permitted to have an army. Kiribati is an island where nature is at its finest form, it’s a huge tourist attraction and no one even thinks on invading them. Still in case of an attempted attack, New Zealand and Australia has an informal agreement of assistance and protection with them.


 5. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein abolished its army in 1868, because it was too costly. After that an amendment was made, to only form an army in case of war. Up till now, they have never been included in any sort of war. However they do have national police to take care of internal affairs. There is an informal agreement with Austria and Switzerland for protection.

 6. Marshall Islands

Since foundation Marshall Islands had no army. According to their constitution they are not permitted have an army. Although they can only operate Police force for internal affairs. Under CFA, hence the protection of the country is the responsibility of The United States.

 7. Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia has no army since in foundation. They are only permitted to have a police force, by their own law. They are also the member of CFA. Therefore they are protected by The United States.


 8. Nauru

Nauru comes under the protection of Australia with no army of its own, but they do have a largely armed police force for internal affairs.

 9. Palau

Palau has a 30 person police unit by constitution, with no army of its own. They are a member on CFA, making them come under the protection of The United States.


 10. Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia has two police units with a total of 116 people. They are a member of RSS. Therefore their protection dependent upon the members of the pact.


 11. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have two paramilitary forces, consisting of 94 people in total. All members of paramilitary force are former officers of Royal Navy. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is also a member of Regional Security System.


 12. Samoa

Samoa is an island located near Australia with no army since foundation. It only has a Police force for internal affairs. With respect to the Treaty of Friendship in 1962, the country comes under the protection of New Zealand.


 13. Solomon Islands

Solomon Island had a paramilitary force until 2003 when an ethnic conflict broke out and assistance from Australia, New Zealand and 6 other nations was requested. The country comes under the protection Australia and New Zealand.


 14. Tuvalu

Tuvalu has no army since its foundation. It only has a small police force to maintain law and order. The country has no mutual understanding with any country for its protection. So if they ever get under attack, they would be on their own.


 15. Vatican City

Vatican City has a Police force known as Gendarmerie Corps. There is an armed unit for the pope’s protection only, it’s known as Pontifical Swiss Guard. Pontifical Swiss Guard comes under the Holy See, not the state of Vatican City. Vatican City has signed no peace treaty with Italy, as it would be against the neutrality of the state. Either way Italian army does protect the Vatican City unofficially.


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