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Coke is like a universal drink all around the world. It have many uses like for mixing drinks, best for hot summer thirst, and keeping you energized. Whether its lunch or dinner, picnic of formal dinner, a bar or buffet line, presence of coke is must. Besides drinking coke, Coca-Cola can be used in many other practical ways, making life much easier. So here are 15Besides drinking coke, Coca-Cola can be used in many other practical ways, making life much easier. So here are 15 Coca-Cola hacks for making your life easier.or making your life easier.

 1. Scare off snails and slugs


Having your doorstep covered with slimy snails and slugs is not one wish for. Why waste so much of table salt when you can simply watch them leave by pouring a drop of coke onto them. Enough to scare them off, but not too much that would kill them.

 2. Rust remover


Want to revive you old metal stuff that has been covered in rust? Not to worry at all, out of all these Coca-Cola hacks, heres one that can bring out the shine in your tools. All you have to do is dip them in a cup of coke and smoothly wipe of all the rust of it. Coca-Cola has phosphoric acid in it which stops the corrosion process and breaks the bond between the metal and the rust, resulting in easy removal from the metal.

 3. Clean car battery terminals


Coke might not have a good health impact on you but it sure has an impact on your car, corroded battery? Not a problem, all you want to do is pour some Coca-Cola onto the terminals and in no time the battery would shoot your car right up. Coke is a good alternative to clean car battery terminals.


 4. Polishes Chrome

Polishing Chrome

Coke can be use for cleaning and polishing chrome of your car. A sheet of  aluminum foil and a can of coke would be enough to do the job. Coke will dissolve all the rust and stains on your chrome, giving it a new and shinny look.

 5. Make your hair curly


Want to look better everyday? All those bad hair days are now over, with a spray of Coca-Cola in your hair, you would be able to style your hair however you would like. Make your hair curly, or straight, or any other style, you would be able to have a new style everyday. These Coca-Cola hacks can make you look good in every way, where its your hair or your car.

 6. Remove pesky blood stains


Well, there are those times when you have to hide up evidence and get rid of blood stain, I’m sure you won’t be expecting enough time to scrub all day. The best thing to do at that time is, open a bottle of coke and pour it on the stain; the chemicals in coke will dilute the blood stains, making it easier to remove.

 7. Defrost an icy windshield

ice frosting

You don’t always have time to scrap of you frozen windshield in the cold winters. Neither does one prefer to be out of the car for that long in winters. Coca-Cola hacks are making things doable, here is one of the hack to get out of this mess. All you have to do is  get a can of coke, pour it on the windscreen and just wait and see how the frost evaporates.

 8. Clean a dirty toilet bowl



Nobody likes to put their hand in a toilet and scrub off all the disgusting stuff. Here is a simply Coca-Cola hack to make your life easier. Pour a can of coke in the toilet and flush, the rest would be done on its own.


 9.Flower Fertilizer


Coke is a safe effective fertilizer for many kinds of flowers, which include Azaleas or Gardenias. Therefore it is considered as one of the greatest coca-cola hacks.


 10. Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner

Whether it’s the kitchen floor or the bathroom floor, after a while you have to clean them up, but whatever you they don’t give that new look that you expected. Try adding a can of coke to the water, you will get that bright glowing titles, just like new ones.


 11. Remove stuck-on pan gunk


Another benefit of coke is that it can easily remove the entire gunk stuck on your cooking pan. The chemicals in coke dilute the gunk, making it easier to come off and cleanse the utensils.

 12. Relieves Jelly Fish Sting

jelly fish

It is important to know that if you are ever stung by a jellyfish and there is no medical center nearby, it’s important to remain calm because here is a way to make things bearable. Coke can ease of the pain for a while if you pour it on the affected area continuously for 30 seconds.

 13. Shine up old coins


You can revive back coins from different ages, no matter how old and rusty they are. They can get them all cleaned up and shinny with the help of a can of coke. Soak the coin in the coke and leave it there for a while. When you take it out after an hour or so, you will see the shine of the coin, as if it has just come out of the mint.


 14. Reduce pain from bug bites

Bug bites

Picnic without coke is like a car without engine, they are incomplete without each other. Picnic also bring along bug bites. If you want to stay protected from any harmful disease and to ease of pain and itching, pour coke onto the areas where bugs bite you.


 15. Cleans Windows

Window cleaner

Coca Cola contains citric acid as one of its main ingredients. Citric acid is usually found in window cleaning sprays, because of having cleansing ability. Coke can do you cleaning job more quickly and effectively. Soak a piece of cloth in coke, use it to clean the window, after that wash the window with water.


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