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10 Delicious Breakfast Dishes Around the World

There are 195 countries in the world. Each with their own cultural background and cuisines. Every person in the wolrd start their day with breakfast, hence each country has its own signature breakfast dish. Therefore to get to know about all the different breakfast dishes around the world i created this list. So the following is the list of 10 delicious breakfast dishes around the world. Enjoy!

10. United States:  Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon and Sausage

Breakfast in The United States vary from state to state, some like pancakes or burgers in their breakfast, whereas some prefer simplicity like eggs. Most commonly eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausages are found in a dish.

 9. Colombia: Arepa with eggs

Breakfast in Colombia revolves around Arepa. Arepa is a slightly dense, sweet corn cake. Arepa is eaten in many ways by the Colombians, where it’s with eggs, jam or butter on top. The recipe of Arepa can be found here


 8. South Africa: Phuthu pap


Phuthu pap is like the traditional breakfast of the country. Hence almost all the regions of the country enjoy this beautiful dish every day. The dish is made up of porridge or cereal with milk and corn. The recipe can be found here

 7. Pakistan: Halwa Poori with Chanay

Halwa Poori with chanay is the most popular dish in Pakistan. Most people enjoy it on weekends, so they could comfortably intake the pleasure of the dish. The dish consists of delicious Suji halwa along with deep fried poori bread and with chana masala on the side.

 6. Spain: Pa amb tomàquet

Pa amb tomàquet is one of the traditional dishes of Spain. Hence enjoyed in all regions of the country and its delicacy is well known in the world. The dish consists of a piece of bread rubbed with tomato on top and seasoned with olive oil and salt. The dish is defined as an example of Mediterranean diet and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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 5. Russia: Griddle Cakes

Russians have their own specialty when it comes to breakfast. They eat griddle cakes, which are small milky, buttermilk pancakes, with the size of a biscuit. They enjoy the dish with different jams, chocolate and butter. The recipe for griddle cakes can be found here.

 4. Italy: Espresso Macchiato & Panino

Italian breakfast starts with a strong cup of espresso coffee with a splash of milk. In addition, on the side they have the delicious “semi-dolce” Panino. A panino is a sandwich with prosciutto cotto, Fontina cheese, and mayonnaise in a semi-sweet bun.

 3. India: Rava upma

Rava upma, also known as suuji, is a South Indian breakfast dish which is enjoyed almost all over India. With the rich culture and food, Indians are represented by their signature dishes like rava upma. While the dish is best enjoyed with coconut chutney, slice of lime and lime pickle. Furthermore some other types of upma include tomato upma, oats upma, idli upma, poha upma and bread upma. You can find the recipe of the dish here.

 2. France: Coffee with Croissant


French dishes are famous all around the world for their delicacy and remarkable flavor. However their breakfast is very simple and gets them boosted up for the day. Most French people dip take coffee and croissant for breakfast and they also enjoy their breakfast by dipping their croissant in coffee.

 1. England: Toasted bread, Eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms and cooked tomato.

English breakfast is a very nutritious meal, and has very balanced portions. The dish is not only constant in almost all regions of England, but is also famous all around the world as a balanced diet necessity.


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